Healthcare Marketing Solutions from Concept Communications, San Diego
Healthcare Solutions

Concept Communications works with hospitals, clinics, physician practices and healthcare systems around the United States. We provide them with online consumer health content and interactive health tools, so they can reach out to their consumers with targeted health information and education.

With our licensed health content and modules, your organization can:

  build brand identity and educate your consumers

  promote your centers of excellence with targeted health content

  offer a comprehensive library of disease and condition topics

  give consumers interactive tools, calculators, health quizzes, and more

  provide health content in English and Spanish, for both desktop and mobile sites

Healthcare Solutions

For hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, group practices, IPA's and healthcare systems, Concept Communications provides an affordable and competitively priced way to enhance their websites with a consumer health portal, offering a full suite of evidence-based health information and tools for desktop and mobile. Contact us for pricing information.

Healthcare Solutions Concept Communications provides comprehensive, up-to-date medical content, with information available in both English and Spanish. In addition to health and wellness topics, we also provide our clients with daily health news, as well as interactive tools such as quizzes, calculators and health risk assessments. We work with many Catholic hospitals and Catholic healthcare systems. Our health library is also mobile-friendly and uses responsive design, for seamless integration between desktop, tablet and smartphones.

"As consumers continue to turn to the Internet for healthcare information, the need for reliable and easy-to-understand content is greater than ever" says Concept Communications' President Veronica McQuillan. Consumer interest in health information continues to grow. According to McQuillan, "Consumer demands for health information are not likely to change in the future. If anything, the need for credible and accurate health information is only going to increase." Concept Communications' Vice-President Paul Daffinee agrees. "Focus groups show that people now expect a range of health content on a hospital's website." says Daffinee. "By integrating our online health content with your services and centers of excellence, you can meet those expectations easily and cost-effectively."

With Concept Communications' consumer health library, you can give your consumers evidence-based information on a variety of health and wellness topics and daily health news. Articles can also be customized with links back to your services and centers of excellence. For hospitals and health systems with a Spanish-speaking population, our comprehensive Spanish library is a turnkey solution to their content needs.

Licensing Concept Communications' library also gives you access to our interactive tools including quizzes, calculators, risk assessments and glossaries. Our daily health news can be a valuable source for your social media efforts. Our library lets you provide the information consumers seek, on topics such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, aging, migraine, weight loss, and so much more. It's a comprehensive library of health news and information - and it can be yours more affordably than you think.

If your hospital, multi-specialty clinic, group practice, IPA or healthcare system needs a comprehensive library of health news and information - or if you're in healthcare administration, marketing, public relations, or information technology - simply contact us for information on how your organization can benefit from our solutions.

All Concept Communications material is provided for information only and is neither advice nor a substitute for proper medical care. Consult a qualified healthcare professional who understands your particular history for individual concerns.  |   © Concept Communications Media Group LLC   |   last modified 2023